North Carolina RBA State Convention
March 17 & 18, 2018
Greensboro Coliseum
1921 West Lee St, Greensboro, NC
-Quad Open Rabbit Shows, 2 Sat & 2 Sun.
-Quad Youth Rabbit Shows, 2 Sat & 2 Sun.
Silver Fox National and Sable Nationals on Sat.
-Plus Specialties,

Email entries due by Sunday March 11th, 2018 @ midnight
OPEN: Christy Posey:
YOUTH: Ashley Lewis:
Email entries $5, day of show entries $7, changes $2 (per change per show)
If you are showing
the same rabbit in all 4 shows entry fees for that rabbit will be $4.75 per

Contact Brenda Smith for more info:
Show Superintendent: Kris Walser

Hotels: Drury Inn $119.00 per night 336-856-9696
Baymont $62.99 per night 336-944-6851

udges: Don Sheets, Allan Ormond, Todd Naragon, Donyelle Shultz,
Stacy Easton-Martin,Ruth-Ann Bell, Cheryl Blackman, Gordon
Williams, David Moll, Carol Hooks, Josh Humphries,Patty Tarman,
Rusty Westhoff

Open Sanctions: American Fuzzy Lop, Dwarf Hotot, All
Angoras, American Chinchilla,American Sable, Belgian Hare,
Britania Petite,English Lop, English Spots, Flemish Giant,
French Lop, Florida White, Giant Chin, Havana, Harlequin,
Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, MiniLop, Mini Rex, Netherland
Dwarf, New Zealand, Palomino, Polish, Rex, Rhinelander, Tan,
Silver Fox, Satin,
Lilac=A/B/C, California=A/B, C hampagne D’Argent=A/B/C
outh Sanctions: American Fuzzy Lop, American Sable,
Britannia Petite, Californias, Himi,
Havana, Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, Mini Lop, Mini Rex,
Netherland Dwarf, Palomino,Polish, Silver Fox

Specialties: Sat=Tan and Mini lop, Sunday 8am= Angora,
American Sable, Dwarf Hotot, Polish,
Silver Fox, Netherland Dwarf, Flemish, American Fuzzy lop,
Mini Rex, Mini Lop, Holland Lop

**Rabbits and Cavies only in the showroom**
** We may be using parking passes. You will pay $4 when
you enter the building for parking on Sat.
Please see full catalog for more details.
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NCRBA State Conention 2018
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